I have been supporting enterprise computer users, networks, and servers for over 25 years.

I was most recently CTO for One Magazine. Before joining One, I was the IT Director for Wired Magazine and West Coast IT manager for Condé Nast Publications. Prior to that, I was the MIS manager for Berkeley Systems (makers of the famous Flying Toasters screen saver).

I now operate as an independent IT consultant. This allows me great flexibility in balancing my professional life with my family one. My typical clients are small businesses under 30 employees…the sort of business which doesn’t have a full-time IT person. Some examples of the types of businesses who are my clients are: advertising agencies, commercial real estate, beauty salons, restaurants, and photographers. How to best implement solutions for them varies depending on what their business does, but one thing they all have in common is…they want the job done right. I always strive for perfection and make sure the job does get done right.

Technology evolves at an increasingly accelerated pace. I have and continue to stay current in my skills. Not only is this my livelihood…it is something I immensely enjoy doing.

…your personal IT Manager